Tuesday, January 13

Bump 32 & 34 weeks

Yes. It's late. Very. But you know christmas happened and stuff.

Our beautiful friends spent a week with us over New Years and we went up to the sugar pines in the mountains. We had the most wonderful relaxed week and we used our friends camera skills to finally get Timmy in a bump photo too.

Lola wasn't really up for participating this week. She had important matters (bones) to chew on. Can you see I'm getting tired?

Meanwhile: The big count down at work is on, the last of our visitors have left and so I can turn the spare bedroom into a nursery (so. pumped.), and I had a baby shower. Kinda. Frankly the idea of a traditional baby shower freaks me out a little - I hate being the centre of attention and so when a band we know and love announced they were doing a house gig tour I thought - perfecto! It was so fun - Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers are fantastically talented and bloody awesome entertainers, we served up pizza, garlic bread and cake and somehow Tim did a "set" in the middle consisting of jokes he learnt form 8 year olds...

Wednesday, December 17

Bump - 28 & 30 weeks

It's the silly season and finding time to do this has been a struggle! Also - I don't really like the 30 week pictures so there's that too! Apparently bump and I have Popped! Again. Oh yeah, and I'm wearing the same top. Getting dressed is very, very difficult. Mostly I just want to live in my big baggy bedtime t-shirt - but I think my colleagues might fall over if I rocked up to work in that... Speaking of work, because of Christmas holidays I pretty much only have 5 more weeks! This is so incredibly exciting, and also a tiny bit alarming - once you go on maternity leave there are definitely big changes afoot no?!

Tuesday, November 25

Wish Listing

Holy mackerel you guys it's Christmas soon! One month to go!

Do you know someone Just.like.me??? Then this is what they want. Promise.

This necklace

This throw or any Rachel Castle Bedlinen

This lipbalm

Frank the Flamingo

A Paris souvenir Scarf

A cockatoo Print

A Dinosaur Designs bangle

A lovely vase

And erm... roses, roses, roses...

Monday, November 24

Bump - 27 weeks

Time is really flying. My maternity leave application is in and this might sound crazy, but baby is on a childcare waiting list for 2016! The car seat is ordered, the rest of the house is getting a thorough going over and the dreaded pram research has begun!

Kicks and movement are so incredible it really feels like a real person in there now and I'm starting to get super excited about meeting this person. Pregnancy is such a thrill and something I've been looking forward to for years and it's all a little surreal too, so it's only just really dawning on us that there's an amazing person we get to meet at the end of it! I had a good midwife appointment this last week and we heard babies beautiful heartbeat and we've been thinking through a loose birth plan too.

The light was so beautiful this morning we decided to change up our photo location and get a silhouette shot, and Lola decided to cooperate this time too.

Wednesday, November 12

Baby stuff...

Oh but the stuff! There's the stuff you have to buy (breast pads, baby bum cream) and then there's the stuff you just wanna buy... Ummm hello lovely bag!

and all the Iviebaby bedding...

oh and clothes from Hatch (soooo not in my price range)

And don't even get me started on the baby clothes!


Tuesday, November 4

Bump - 24 weeks

6 months!!! Amazing! Ridiculous! Weird! Crazy! All those things.

So many little people have been born since I last wrote! Molly, Marley, Tilly, Allegra, Lachlan, Hunter and just today Fleur! It makes my heart go crazy emotional to think our little person will arrive soon too! Now there's only two more sets of friends due before we are... (serious lack of women in the workforce next year right??!)

We bought a *sensible family car*, which technically the ute was meant to be, but then we thought about how tiny the back is and getting a car seat in there, and how high the tray is and getting a pram up there, and how there aren't any airbags... hmmm... Anyway it's seriously going to damage our country cred getting rid of the big old ute, but it's the most spiffo car either of us have owned. Electric windows baby!

Apart from that things are slowly falling into place, little person has been dubbed littlefoot for now and we can even see movement through my clothes! Plus people keep telling me I'm glowing, which is always nice.

Monday, October 13

Bump - 21 weeks

Over half way! Baby (yes, we do know the sex, no, I'm not putting it on the internet, yes, I will tell you face to face) is a total ninja! I actually got kicked in the lung today! My frock was sent in a gorgeous care package from a sweet friend who is about to have her first baby too - I'm all about the stretchy dresses from now on I reckon. We've also received some of the most lovely gifts from family and friends. There's a rapidly growing pile for BabyK in the sunroom, which freaks me out a little bit whenever I see it: ohh my gosh, we're actually going to use this stuff!

Okay and this is what it mostly looks like when Timmy tries to take our bump picture...

Monday, September 22

Bump - 18 weeks

18 weeks today (look at me go posting this on time)! We have a real wriggler on our hands baby moves so much and it makes me grin like a silly thing every time. I've been trying to keep a diary to keep a track of this amazing process. It's a mix of stories, blood test dates, scan pictures and safety regulations that I've noted down... and I think that's probably a fairly accurate description of this process... Full steam ahead with organisation, trying to remember all the different appointments to be had and just revelling in the little tiny moments.
Ps. Two weeks until we know boy or girl? Place your bets folks!

...And the outtakes (never work with fussy pregnant people who are a little alarmed by their size or animals)

Thursday, September 11

Bump - 16 Weeks

16 weeks (last Monday) and baby is the size of an avocado - my favourite fruit! On Sunday on the drive home from a Sydney wedding we felt our first kick! It was amazing and brought tears to my eyes! It's something I've tried to imagine and dreamed of feeling for years. Now whenever I feel a flutter Tim and I start poking around as much as we can to see if we can properly feel baby again - poor thing!

Wednesday, September 3

Bump - 13 weeks.

These pics are from two weeks ago now - my tummy popped out bang on week 12, our scan had a wiggly little bubba in it and it was time to start treating this like it was for reals! Wowa. It's totally for reals!
Weeks 7 - 12 I was sick as, not really eating and doing all the sleeping. Whilst I'm still not averse to going to bed at 9pm, I'm over the moon to be eating (and cooking) again and gosh being able to tell people!

Monday, September 1


In the pipeline....

This baby of mine - a little wishful project. I'm attempting to take this passion of mine seriously and, with some amazing cheerleaders by my side, I'm taking the plunge tentatively getting my toes wet. Heck it's got a professional looking logo and a proper URL - that's something right??? I'm slowly notching up some weddings to my name - and well, there are plants growing if not flowering yet... From little things big things grow... I'll be posting flowery updates there if you're interested, and y'know on fbook too.

I did say babies didn't I? Well yes it's true, there's a human one brewing too... hi little person!

Today is the due date of our first baby and it is bittersweet, but mostly oh so sweet, to have this little one doing so well. Such a relief in fact. I (we) feel so so so lucky to be at this stage (15 weeks now)... at this stage.

So you may just find me blogging here more again with this thing happening. Something happy. Something not secret.

This is of course a hot topic, but blogging has changed so much, and in a way it may have come full circle... only a few dedicated old school (?) folks actually reading - maybe commenting (!!!) - and blogging becomes about the blogger again - not being the content provider for the reader.

I think with these two babies brewing, I'm pretty okay with that. I even have a bump photo to post!

Tuesday, August 26

Into the woods

August 2014. Snow in the heavenly magical place called the Sugar Pines.

PS. I'm alive :)

Monday, May 12


It had been a while since we travelled. This was a wonderful trip and one that was very hard to come home from. Lucky we love Lola so much...