Friday, February 20

Bump - 38 weeks (again)

So, a little late, but look! Professiona-mal photos! The lovely Tina of Peppermint studios needed a model for some creative stuff she was trying out and being on maternity leave I had the time. Not only did we get to hang out and have a cuppa, I got some lovely bump photos too!

So right now we are actually 39 weeks + 4 and I've been overwhelmed with feeling like it's my fault baby hasn't arrived yet. So many people have told me I look like I'll come early that I feel cursed to be late (I'm kinda superstitious like that). Not to mention my own propensity for timeliness makes this waiting all the harder. I reason that statistically a bunch of my friends due at similar times have been early now and so there's no way I will be. Patience, patience, no one stayed pregnant forever - thats for sure.
My productivity has dropped to an all time low now (probably a good thing really), the desire to cook or garden is non existent, and alarmingly my ability to sleep is pretty much completely disappearing. Most frustrating. 
Little baby is wiggling around happily still, but has definitely dropped judging by the new all time highs for toilet trips in the night - about 6!
But we are just so excited to meet this little person and find out their name (we have options but are waiting to see what fits). The house is clean, the dog is clean, heck Tim even washed the car! 

Oh, and that's a little sneak peak of babies nursery there too! More on that soon.

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