Friday, May 15

A big birthday...

...Calls for a big dreaming wish list. Beautiful objects, stylish grown up things...

Greg hatton stool

Rachel Castle penny rounds

Amazingly wonderful, and entirely unaffordable aesop

a beautiful armchair

Rose bushes. My wish list is so long, but this one is called Skylark.

Floret Growing Guides

And a one acre parcel of lovely land...


  1. Sophie!
    I just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I *love* your blog. I enjoy it immensely. I came across it through Tim's facebook....he came and taught my cohort of plunge at morling college back in 2010! I pop on here every now and then and absolutely love reading your updates and reflections. You are such a wonderful writer, storyteller, photographer, baker and garden grower. It is my dream to have my own garden one day. I am so drawn to the simplicity, beauty and peacefulness of country life, I feel like I would love wagga. And good lord, are you an amazing interior designer! Come and design my home?!?!
    I feel like we share a lot of the same interests and passions - part of the reason I enjoy reading your blog so much. Thank you for your raw and honest reflections and your thoughtful and enjoyable insights. I just checked out your recipe page - and being a "flexitarian" (read: don't cook meat at home but too lazy to become a full-time vegetarian because I don't know enough about how to supplement properly/how do I deal with the awkardness of family dinners when they always cook meat and I have eaten said meat since forever) (that was long, sorry) I am absolutely going to try out a whole bunch of your recipes over the coming weeks and I'll let you know how I go with them :)
    Also love love your environmental awareness and use of cloth diapers -- will be following a lot of your advice when I have my own kids.
    Basically, I think you are great, and such an encouragement. I have been meaning to start a blog of my own for the last couple of years now and have just never got around to it - but you inspire me to make it happen! Keep up the amazing work.
    P.s. I also just started following you on instagram, hope you don't mind! :)
    Katie x

    1. Katie,
      this is the most lovely encouraging comment ive ever received! maybe i might just post again after all!!! Do start a blog! Its a wonderful record - but make sure you only start it for you with no expectations, then if you still enjoy it, you know its good for you :) All the best!
      ps. I would love to design your house!
      pps. I would love to know how you go with my veggo recipes!


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