Thursday, March 12

Bump - minus 1 week.


* Being awake at 2am is much more fun with scones, jam and cream.
* If you leave your hair in the top knot it was in when you gave birth for 5 days straight - it kinda stays there when you eventually take the hair band out. (And requires a LOT of combing to fix!)
* I can survive pretty well on 6 hours of broken sleep.
* Lola is the perfect big sister (and takes her new job of guard dog very seriously).
* My ankles! I have ankles again!
* Baby hormones are amazing - I was high as a kite for an entire week!
* I couldn't really walk for 3 days after giving birth (might have a lot to do with the tear I sustained too.)
* Watching your partner fall in love is precious and beautiful.
* This baby farts really really loudly, it's hilarious. (Maybe especially because Tim has done most of the nappy changes).
* Baby wearing is not quite as simple as the pros make it look!
* Writing a concise, yet thorough birth story is hard (especially when typing one handed!)

(photos from last week - Eddie is 2 weeks new today!)

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