Wednesday, February 25

Nursery Tour

Our little ones room! Yes I know my height ordered books won't last more than the first couple of months but you've gotta do something with the interminable waiting for baby to arrive time amiright?

Sail Boat Kite: Haptic Lab
To the moon and back pennant: Homely Creatures
Cross blanket: Jamie Kay
Cross sheet and bassinet lining: EIvie & Co
Lamp, blue wire baskets & blue stool: Kmart
Blue trolley & Lamb skin: Ikea
White cube storage & baskets: Bunnings
Morrocon Pouffe: Cush and co
Cloth nappies: Sunshine tots

Everything else is either vintage, opshop or a gift. Other fabrics come from spotlight.


  1. Looks just beautiful, very serene and peaceful in there at the moment. Our children's bookshelf remained height ordered throughout the years, baby K will get the hang of how mummy likes the shelves to look! Now all you need is baby and all will be complete. Not long now! Be patient babies come when they are perfectly baked. Enjoy

  2. Love the colour scheme, beautiful. I'm sure you and Baby K will be very happy and peaceful in there xx


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