Monday, February 9

Bump - 38 weeks (on holiday)

Oh hi!

It's true what they say. There comes a point where you get really over being pregnant - no matter how much you love it and were excited for it. The 37 degree heat probably isn't helping...

But we are ready and waiting! I've had 2 weeks of leave and finished babies room, not to mention a gazillion other little jobs around the house. We made it to my cousins wedding even, 5 hours in a car is also not recommended at 38 weeks pregnant - but being in the sea - what bliss! Here's me happy as a clam, 38 weeks pregnant and about to run (okay scrap the running part - there is NO running over here) into the ocean.

My back is aching, my sleep is very interrupted, moving is generally awkward, and my ankles are balloons and yet this has been the most amazing experience. All that I hoped for and more. And. I am so so excited to meet this person so soon.


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