Tuesday, January 13

Bump 32 & 34 weeks

Yes. It's late. Very. But you know christmas happened and stuff.

Our beautiful friends spent a week with us over New Years and we went up to the sugar pines in the mountains. We had the most wonderful relaxed week and we used our friends camera skills to finally get Timmy in a bump photo too.

Lola wasn't really up for participating this week. She had important matters (bones) to chew on. Can you see I'm getting tired?

Meanwhile: The big count down at work is on, the last of our visitors have left and so I can turn the spare bedroom into a nursery (so. pumped.), and I had a baby shower. Kinda. Frankly the idea of a traditional baby shower freaks me out a little - I hate being the centre of attention and so when a band we know and love announced they were doing a house gig tour I thought - perfecto! It was so fun - Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers are fantastically talented and bloody awesome entertainers, we served up pizza, garlic bread and cake and somehow Tim did a "set" in the middle consisting of jokes he learnt form 8 year olds...

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