Wednesday, December 17

Bump - 28 & 30 weeks

It's the silly season and finding time to do this has been a struggle! Also - I don't really like the 30 week pictures so there's that too! Apparently bump and I have Popped! Again. Oh yeah, and I'm wearing the same top. Getting dressed is very, very difficult. Mostly I just want to live in my big baggy bedtime t-shirt - but I think my colleagues might fall over if I rocked up to work in that... Speaking of work, because of Christmas holidays I pretty much only have 5 more weeks! This is so incredibly exciting, and also a tiny bit alarming - once you go on maternity leave there are definitely big changes afoot no?!


  1. You look completely amazing as always Soph! Love seeing these updates and so happy baby is growing so well xxx lots of love

  2. You look radiant! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. So much to look forward to in the New Year!


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