Friday, September 24

A whole year!

Today is my blogs first birthday. Who would of thought I could keep something up for so long?! Not I! But I'm so glad I have. I feel quite connected to the blogging community now, it has become not only something I enjoy but something I really care about. After a year I still don't really know how to catagorize my blog, and I think I've given up trying to be something in particular. I just do it because I enjoy it. Because I feel kinda compelled. Because I need the creative outlet. Because it's like talking to someone when I'm alone for big chunks of my time. Because it makes me get excited when I see a comment (even though it's not about that it still makes me smile every time). Because now I have a permanent place to keep all those lists I make. because...*shouts over orchestra as it begins to play "get off" music* I love you guys ...*voice begins to crack*.. and and you're the loveliest *dignified sniff*.
I read more blogs than I could poke a large stick at and it really is quite marvelous. I've found heaps of inspiring women, crafty people, hilarious mum bloggers, people with amazing eye's for design and people that just make me smile.
In an inspired fasion, I would love to send 5 of you a mix cd. So leave a comment and I'll draw a winner (I promise I'm not into industrial screamo...). Consistent readers without a blog may also apply - that includes you Mumma! (though you should Like me on facebook!)

These are some of my favourite post's of this past year:
* My first things to be thankful for.
* Remember that time I got engaged...
* Changing & Growing up...


  1. Happy blog day! You have a delightful blog there!

  2. Happy birthday, darling!

    I love your blog. i still love when i suddenly think "ooh, I wonder what soph's blogged about today!"

    Keep shooting from the hip, sharing delicious links, and showing off about your epic cooking skills!

    Love you

  3. Sophie!
    Happy blog birthday to you, happy blog birthday to you, happy blog birthday to you, happy blog birthday toooooooo youuuuuuuu *3 part harmony at the end there I'll have you know!* :P

    I absolutely love your blog! It is no exaggeration that it is one of the first internet things I check every morning! (the beauty of OZ/UK time difference is that you update almost every time I'm sleeping funfunfun!)

    I find it inspiring (enough to have started my own, rather rubbish but getting there, attempt at a blog), beautiful both in the way you describe things and your beautiful photography, awe-inspiring and helpful (you help remind me to be thankful), thought provoking, funny, useful (great creative ideas) and just all round fantastic to read :)

    One more thing... your blog has enabled me to get to know a cousin that I have spent more than half my life living half a world away from, which I have loved! The beauty of the internet hey!

    Gotta go get up now, long may your blogging continue, I love it!
    lots of love
    Beka x

    P.S I would flipping love a sophie-made mix CD (One of my favourite things to give/recieve) but I perfectly understand if it's easier to wait to give me in December rather than send it to me hehehe :P

  4. happy blogbirthday soph :)
    i too love your blog. i love the way you find hope and beauty in mundane things. i love your balance of real things from your real life with finding-pretty-things-on-the-internet savvy.
    keep it up sister, you are so darn cool.

  5. I like your 'things to be thankful' posts. It makes me think what's been good in my week. And positive thinking is always a good way to be I feel.
    So Thank you - thank you for your inspiring things to be thankful post.

  6. Sophie, I am so very glad that Tim married you, I only wish you lived here in Adelaide so that we could see you more! But the times that you have been at family things you have added something special to the day - given the conversation that zing that it might not otherwise have had. It's nice to have someone relatively like-minded in the family, and I am inspired by your passion, enthusiasm and honesty. I have loved getting to know you better through reading your blog (and I have to admit I'm a little envious of your baking pictures - presentation is not one of my strengths!) and I have been especially encouraged by the 'things to be thankful for' posts - many a time it has given me a kick up the backside to stop being a grump and instead count my blessings, because really, 'my cup runneth over'
    Love you lots xx

  7. Happy blog-birthday Sophie!
    I can totally relate to what you wrote. I felt the same on my blog's 1st birthday. The blogosphere is such an inspiring encouraging place and it is great being a part of it!
    Keep up the happy blogging and shine on!!
    Galit xx

    p.s. thanks for the mention! you made my day!!

  8. *Georgia! Thank you! You're food blog looks freakin DELICIOUS! Thanks for stopping by.
    * Timmy. I love you. Forever.
    *Bekah, thank you for those sweet words, you are lovely - and I can hear that three part harmony ringing in my ears! Really looking forward to having you here!
    * Meg - I know 2 Megs so I'm wondering if this is Meg P or Meg L! But thank you my dear for your encouragement!
    * Anon - Thank you... but who are you??!!!
    * Liz I love it when YOU are at family gatherings and I too am very glad I married Tim!!! Thank you for those lovely words.
    * Galit - Isn't it just! It's corny but so true!

  9. happy blog birthday, love stopping by your space here and look forward to many more birthdays ahead!

  10. Hi. I am shamelessly commenting in order to secure a free thing. But, in my defence, I want more Sophie in my life, and I do love your blog and I'm glad you've been doing it for a year, and I think a CD made by you would make my life a lot more on the way to perfect.

  11. Sophie. You are just plain gorgeous. And insightful. And fun. And I can't wait to hang out with you more and for you to come to our farm and then decide that you are going to move to our town too. Love Sarah. x


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