Thursday, October 1

my proposal

So I've been reading in Playing Grown Ups blog sweet stories of marriage proposals which made me think about mine and how AMAZING it was. So amazing AMAZING has to be capitalised!

On a sunny summer Sydney day in November 2006 shinealittlelight had a dinner date with the love of her life. She'd been at uni an awful lot of late hours in recent times and so her angel had booked in advance a Wednesday dinner date. She was walking through Surry Hills on her way to his house. She didn't know where they were going for dinner it was a suprise. She loved suprises.
As she was walking up the street a picture message arrived on her phone. It was a picture of a tiny stenciled bird that was on the wall next to his house. The message said "this little bird has something to tell you." She knew about the bird because her angel had shown it to her just a few days before. And also a few days before that. She had laughed at him for telling her something twice.
When she arrived at his house, the big old rambaling rectory, now student accomodation, she went straight to the birdy graffiti. Unlike in the picture not only was the bird there but now there was also a pretty note taped to the wall underneath it. She excitedly opened it. It had a clue written inside, it led her to the letterbox..
She went to the letter box and there was another clue inside and a key into his house.

The clues led her all around the place. It took her to his room where a GINORMOUS bunch of flowers lay, into his desk where chocolates were hid. Even onto the internet where he had made a pretty web page for her. It led her through his CD collection, under his pillow, she even had to do a sudoku (a favourite pastime of hers). When she had worked it out the clues told her to use it as co-ordinates to find her angels location on the map. It also suggested she use a little bit of the chocolate to bribe his housemate who had a car to take her to the location. The housemate acted very suprised and willing to go along with the journey. (He was really in on the whole thing and a suprisingly good liar!)

So they drove down a road to a little private park on the cities harbour. There her angel was waiting, with a picnic basket. The housemate let them be and they went into the walled garden, through the winding trees and down the steps to a little pier that jutted out into the beautiful Sydney harbour. They could see the opera house and bridge and the sun was thinking about setting. So they ate a beautiful meal on a bench, and drank red wine out of glass.
Then as the sun really was setting they stood on the ocean wall, in a state of extreme happyness. He took her hands and turned to face her and said "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me Sophie Dee?"

She said "of course".

The End.

Except it was just the begining.

Because then they went out for chai tea.

Then they got married.

But that's a whole other post.


  1. I love you both so very muchly.
    Your story fills my heart with confetti, all light and brightly coloured and fluttery. Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves. xxx

  2. SO SO BEAUTIFUL! I have goosebumps. I love treasure hunts and that treasure hunt is THE BEST!

    I was proposed to in a car park.


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