Saturday, September 26

things to be thankful for 1.

So it's a beautiful sunny day outside and I am sitting in a dark, windowless office from 9.30am till 11.30pm. I  am being positive though so things  have to be thankful for:
1) I am being paid a crap load of overtime right now.
2) Rage on the abc just played a brilliant set of music and I've discovered 3 new bands I want to look into.
3) I'm not getting sunburnt right now.
4) I have a job that is letting me take 3 months leave and then come back.
5) My amazing man has told me he misses me and I've only been gone 2 hours so far. *sigh*
6) I have the internet at my finger tips while I "work". And the internet is full of wonderful and funny things.
7) I have an avacado in my bag for lunch. YUM!
8) I can faff about googling things for our overseas adventure.
9) I have wonderful friends who I can write letters to today.
10) I have access to coffee all day.

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  1. You are a divine creature Miss Soph. xxx


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