Monday, September 28


Yesterday was the City of Sydney Spring Cycle. My wonderful and I (plus 5 others from my work) cycled 40ks from North Sydney, over the Harbour Bridge to Olympic Park. It was SO satisfying! Especially the cold beer at the pub on the way home. It was reassuring to know that 40ks won't kill us too bad (well my legs don't hurt today...) while we are on our cycle tour of Uganda. Plus, it made me more keen on cycling for fun, not just as a way of getting from a to b. There are some beautiful places to cycle around Sydney, beautiful harbour city it is, there are mangroves, quiet leafy suburbs ( I always forget they exist), cycle ways, people canoe on the harbour on weekends, parks, woodlandy bits, and the air is pretty good once you leave the immediate city. Mostly it was nice to just exercise, feel my body working well (I've been starting to get a few "ohhh that isn't so easy anymore" age related aches), feeling like I've earnt an afternoon nap and a(okay 2) cold beer.
Best of all, the evening concluded with dinner at an AMAZING Indian restaurant with a lovely friend of ours, a bottle of wine, 3 containers of leftover food and gelati. Bliss. We picked up iris from the street that had been left out by a florist, in order for someone to appreciate their dying blooms. And this morning I began rearranging the house (more) in my never ending quest for rental prettyness! When I get a chance on our home computer I'll post more pictures.
Plus, I love having a fulfilled weekend. I love being able to reel off a list of what I did with my time. I'm just not a do nothing person.

Spring is Springing! Baby basil plants our shooting up around the base of our tomatoes. Tomatoes have the tiniest hints of yellow flowers ready to blossom. The frangipani is thinking terribly hard about growing some leaves. Parsley and sage are becoming more and more edible, and we are winning the battle against slugs and snails with the lettuces.

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