Thursday, July 1

Dear 10 yr old me,

I came across this little notebook you wrote. It made for some amusing reading.
Well, some things havn't changed, you are still a terrible speller (though your lovely patient husband and are trying to help you improve - d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y - ) you are not an artist but you do work in the arts so that's pretty good too.  I was surprised to find that I remembered what that secret code is in the things 'I wish for' section. But I don't recall a thing about the boy in question... Amazing how something so all consuming back then can be forgotten just like that. Strange how you thought it necessary to write about the boy you fancied in code in your secret diary.
Those friends you listed, don't know a single one of them now... not even on facebook, but that's what happens when you move continents. Twice.
Your hand writing has gotten better it has to be said as has your paranoia about being pretty. World wide peace is still on the wish list though. Don't worry so much, you'll soon grow out of it all and school will quickly become a distant memory. Thanks for  popping back into my life 15 years down the track, its been sweet and fun.
Love from 25yr old you.


  1. Oh, I do not need to say how much I love this, but, I love this!

  2. So lovely! What is your wish for FPTFM about, though?


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