Friday, July 16

Birthday cake 3!

The last of the big birthday cakes for now! This is a triple layer strawberry cake with swiss buttercream. It's from the amazing Smitten Kitchen. Next time: I'll use more frosting between layers- you're meant to be able to see stripes of white between each pink cake. I would also probably increase the amount of strawberrys in the actual cake.Also, I'd leave myself with a whole heap more time to make it in! It's a full on cake-attack this one but I was pretty chuffed with the challenge!


  1. Oh. My. God. That's not a cake, it's a banquet! These photos make me very happy. Incredible, so impressive!

  2. i've never attempted a cake like that. you're inspiring me to try!

    thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog. :D i'm really having fun with the diana camera.


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