Monday, May 31

Birthday Cake 1.

It's birthday season in my house hold at the moment. 4 of us are within a month, with the exception of Tim.
Yesterday was my housemate and dear friend Chris' birthday. He is a decadent man with a passion for good food and coffee. So the perfect cake? Coffee cupcakes, with a dark chocolate ganache centre and coffee cream on top.
Completely over the top? Yes I know. But you still want some right?! I kinda made it all up as I went along, based loosely on a coffee cupcake recipe and a different ganache recipe and then thrown together. It was also my first stab at doing icing using a piping bag, messy but fun and by the time I did the last one it was looking alright. The cupcakes turned out not too sweet which was good because the ganache was crazy rich and the cream icing was sugary. I'll share the recipe later if you like?

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