Tuesday, June 1


People are crazy about:
* Owls:

My friend Rachelle makes many owly things and she even has a beautiful tattoo of one on her neck.

The Ever Dazzling makes these little cuties and sells them on Etsy.

Pepper stitches just bought this owl nightlight to make herself feel better. And quite right too.

Plus check out this cusion found {via}
* Knee high socks: It was tights, but now I'm not so sure - knee highs are back?!

Found Via: Black Eiffel, we heart itaudrey hepburn complex

* Black and White. It was white but now I'm seeing black and white on the interior design spaces everywhere! I dig.


* Tea cups. Always been cool in my opinion.

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  1. Thanks so much for the little mention!! Teacups are winners too, in my humble opinion!


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