Tuesday, May 1

Puppy Love, episode 1.

Well, I wasn't planning on overloading you with puppy pictures, but seeing as you all seem to be crushing on my doggy as much as I do... I thought I'd give you some puppy love... of course, she's an endless source of entertainment so lets assume there will be some installments.
Lola is a mongrel mixed breed, she is under a year old and her ears go in different directions sometimes. It's very cute. She loves to sniff, run, cuddle, wrestle and sleep. Apart from us and disgusting dead bits of animal she finds on the side of the road, her greatest love is my mothers chocolate labrador Ollie.
For all his serious looks, Ollie is very playful. He likes to wrestle Lola, eat, chew expensive things (like my mums glasses, my dads brand new car seat belt), eat, be cute and snuggely, eat and sit on things that are too small for him, as demonstrated in the last picture. Ollie farts like a sailor and is the only dog I've ever seen fully belch after eating his dinner. It's quite something. They make a cute pair don't you think?


  1. oh she's beautiful! makes me wish I had a dog too.


  2. We are waiting to get a dog when we move - hubby is allergic so we have to get a breed that works for his allergies - I so wish we could get a pound puppy but unlikely to find a breed that will work with that. Your dog is georgous!

  3. awww, makes me miss my family beagle, charleston chu!


  4. our dog ran away 3 weeks ago in a storm :-( sniff no sigh.

    Glad you have a beautiful pup though! Cuddle for me?



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