Monday, April 30

Autumn flowers

The roses are going bananas since the flood and even the usually summer flowering gums have gotten a bit confused and are coming out in bloom. They have got to be one of my favorite flowers, with their little pink tutu's of subtle heaven scent. The pear knows what it's doing though and is going gorgeous flame colours and loosing it leaves - all from my parents garden. I do love autumn.


  1. i do love autumn too, and you show it so well in your pictures. x

  2. Lovely! Alas it's all a bit flower-less at this time of year here. Will have to plant some things for next year!
    What's that Australian pink flower?

    1. It's from the eucalyptus tree "Silver Princess". There are hundreds and hundreds of gum tree (eucalyptus) varieties and heaps of them are gorgeous flowering ones. *s*


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