Wednesday, April 25


Tim and I ran away for a few days. We thought, well we have no internet, how about lets go the whole hog and have no phone reception either. It was blissful. To have an excuse to not think about it all, to not worry about it all and to not bicker about it all. We ate cheese, and watched crap movies and I re-read some of my favorite teen fiction. Enough talking have some pictures.

May I recommend Mannus Lake B&B to anyone wanting to stay somewhere quiet and peaceful in the snowy mountains. It’s just 10 minutes out of Tumbarumba but feels (and is) completely secluded. It’s a cottage just for couples, it has a spa, a fully equipped kitchen, a music system and dvd player, plus gorgeous views and horses to chat to whenever you like. Although there is no longer a lake as its walls got washed away in the 2010 floods, the Mannus creek is very pretty and you really do have a whole cottage and the view all to yourself.


  1. It sounds lovely. Hopefully you de-stressed.

    1. It was great to de-stress and reconnect. *s*

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous! Love the sun flare photos. This looks like the perfect break - glad you guys were able to have some much needed time away. xx


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