Monday, April 23

Feijoa Jam

Yup - A girl moves to the country for no more than two months and she’s already producing jam like the village show is on. We discovered that the rather scrappy looking bush next to our house is actually a feijoa tree, the discovery was made by seeing a large amount of this strange looking fruit on the ground after the flood, apparently they like flood waters too. If you havn't had them/heard of them, that's fair enough. They are a rather strange fruit, which kind of taste like a cross between a kiwi and a passion fruit. Anyway, we have so so many of them, and there only so many of them you can eat raw, so I looked into whether they make jam - et voila - they do.

You Need:
* 1.5 kilos of Feijoa’s (just the flesh)
* 700gs of Sugar
* 1 lemon
This makes 4 x 300g jars worth.

I did the same as I did with the fig jam, pop X number of kilos of fruit in a heavy based pan and add half the amount of kilos of sugar to fruit, plus the rind of one lemon and boiled until thick. You test the thickness of jam by popping a little on a plate and running your finger through it. If it stays separated where your finger ran then it’s ready.
The recipes I read for feijoa jam said to peel and slice them. This sounded like an awful lot of hard work to me so I did what I do when I eat them raw: chopped them in half and scooped out the flesh with a teaspoon. Stir it occasionally, mine took about an hour.


  1. One of my favourite fruit which funnily enough I have only seen on blogs since moving to Australia.

  2. Oh what an awesome discovery! I first discovered feijoa's when working in a fruit and vege shop as a teenager. I loved learning about all the different fruits. I remember these tasting rather yummy. I haven't seen them in a few years. I'm tempted to hunt them down now. I think it's lovely that you're making jams!


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