Sunday, April 22


A tad late. See the previous post about us not having internet. I thought I'd share the festivities here anyway! I made chocolate crackle Easter egg nests for everybody, including myself. How good are chocolate crackle?? We went olive picking again, said hi to some horses, had a bonfire and picked roses. Glorious roses! Now I have ambitions for a huge rose garden so that I can have any colour flower in my house when I like.


  1. your house is looking beautiful! flowers always lift the spirits in any house, expecially one that has been through so much.

    1. Ahhh this is not my house! It's my parents, where we are currently living! Don't worry as soon as my house is livable there will be lots of photographic evidence! It is a beautiful home my folks have though :)

  2. That moon is glorious! I know it's the same moon we have, but your photo is so great.

    Glad y'all had a good Easter.

    Been praying for y'all. Lots of Texas love!!


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