Sunday, April 22

Flea Market Finds

My new blue suitcase: A bargain for $5. Yup from the same Vinnies in Wagga. Gosh I love that shop.
I just took it on holiday the other day and it worked a treat. It held my stuff. All the cows and horses thought I looked retro cool (it’s so easy to be the trendy one when not in Surry Hills - Hurray!). Hubby likes it so much he doesn’t mind about the collection being expanded! (up to 7 now). Win win win.

More Flea market finds over here.


  1. Lovely old suitcase. I can just see you traipsing across the countryside with this baby. x

  2. Definitely retro cool!

  3. I have an obsession with vintage suitcases too. I think I've bought about a dozen this year...
    Ronnie xo


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