Monday, September 26

Romantic weekend.

 A little glimpse of our lovely weekend away together. It was bliss to spend time with nothing to do together after my having been away. We stayed in Newcastle one night and visited the beach and had a lovely cafe breakfast with a friend. Then stayed in a beautiful B&B called Elfin Hill in the hunter. We tasted some wine and went to the most swanky restaurant I've ever been to and ate the most divine food I have ever tasted. No really. And the food itself looked like works of art!
Then we went up to Barrington Tops. Just near Dungog which is a ridiculously quaint, quiet and unspoiled little town. Staying in a very basic eco-lodge we got up close and personal with a bit of nature! Wallabies everywhere, plus a goanna too, and then a tick bite (it was a big bugger too - I had to rip it out of Tim's shoulder!), a red belly black snake and a wild electrical storm with hail! There was no TV, no phone reception and no internet. We ate lovely home cooked meals and read our books and walked. It was incredibly relaxing!
What about you my lovelies? How was your weekend? Where are you dreaming of travelling soon?


  1. How lovely! You've got some beautiful photos! We were in the Hunter Valley this weekend just gone too. :)

  2. mm how lovely, it was our wedding anniversary this weekend and we went to the south coast here in the uk. (with half a dozen mates) we played crazy golf and ate Chinese food. we watched the sun come down over the sea and strolled along the prom and had lunch on the pier! was great.

  3. Oh congrats Saphy! That sounds like a blissful way to spend your anniversary! Husband and I are fiercely competitive when it comes to crazy golf!
    Hope you got some lovely vino LI!


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