Sunday, September 25

Catch Up

{The Viking part of Dublin in the sun, The Queen of Tarts x 2 - Look at that cake!, Dublin has a wee bit more neon sign-age than Western cities usually do, and a bit of awesome street art.}

So apologies for the absence... again. It seems to be happening a lot at the moment things are crescendoing. So a catch up.
* I threw Tim a suprise 30th birthday party... and it was a surprise. I'll do a post on it (and how to pull it off) when I get some pictures together.
* I've been to England for a couple of days to squeeze in time with some precious people.
* I've been to Dublin for work... pictures as above...
* I got straight off an international flight slept in my own bed for 6 hours and then got straight onto another flight to teach at university that day.
* I got straight off a flight and into a car to go on a 4 day holiday with husbando. No internet, no television, and no phone reception and plenty of wine, reading, amazing food and a little too much nature (ticks, snakes etc).
* And tomorrow I do it all again: Flight, teach, Flight, Flight to Melb, Work... Yikes.

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