Tuesday, September 27

Street Photography

I've always liked taking pictures. I was really blessed to have a year 4 teacher who was a hobby photographer and set up a dark room next to our classroom and taught us all how to develop our own film. Film. Those where the days. Street photography is an art I greatly admire. The candidness and pure emotion not to mention naturally occurring beauty in the everyday is so good for the soul to see. Husbando just sent me a link to this article, and I really had to share it with you all. How amazing are Henri Cartier-Bresson's pictures? And Eric Kim's tips are brilliant too!

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  1. I adore looking at and attempting street photography. I have photos that I'm yet to publish because I haven't got the subjects' permission as they were taken on overseas holidays. I'm still working out how I feel about publishing them. I hadn't seen Eric Kim's article, thanks for linking!


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