Tuesday, May 3

Where have I been?

Olive picking, visiting Finn the foal and Polly the lab, eating amazing pumpkin salad and homemade bread, making bonfires, bush walking up The Rock and taking too many pictures of sunsets and beautiful wind turbines.

I've missed blogging, and it's getting to the point of me feeling so guilt ridden about not writing (I hate to leave you hanging my beloved fans and friends *wink*) that I don't know what to write. I have a lot of big scary changes happening right now... plus work has changed for me recently meaning I havn't had as much time to write.

You see... I started this blog because I worked a job that involved me spending a lot of time pressing a button in the dark, by myself. A blog was the perfect solution. But because of my boss having so much time off from an injury and me switching to doing his job and mine... and we've not had a long season of a show in our venue really recently... it's been tricky. I've also had a fair few evenings free recently... and because that is such a  novelty for husbando and I... well, it felt ridiculous to spend that precious together time on a computer. I'm not making excuses... I just feel like I aught to share... I guess people often tell me they feel like they've caught up with me through this blog. And I find that so surprising because I feel like I share so little here.

My dears. I've resigned from my job. And I have part time work at the university in the town we have bought our house in and hope to move to eventually. It all changes in June... It's really scary, and really exciting. I guess I'll debrief about it more later.


  1. Oh wow! Exciting times ahead! So have I got this right, you're starting your new job in the town where your gorgeous house is in June? Therefore you're moving into you gorgeous house in June?

  2. how exciting! I can't wait to hear more details :D

  3. Yay! Good for you Sophie :)
    Don't worry about not blogging all the time, I don't, well not anymore anyway. I'm so excited for you, big changes are always good. I can't wait to hear more about it and watch as your journey changes (if you care to share, no obligation, just sayin')


  4. Oh dear change. Such a welcome and at times unwelcome visitor....but she always brings the experiences that make life so rich. Good for you. Embrace and enjoy. Hopefully I will have some of that same courage and excitement of yours soon enough too.
    btw....veeeeery envious of your most recent adventure...looks just perfect! x

  5. Is that a halo my Finn is wearing! X

  6. Angela: No won't be moving until I get a full time job down there. This is just a casual, one day a week shift... I'll be commuting from Sydney.
    Thanks Ladies, and yes Mumma, your finn is an angel ;)

  7. Wow soph! Good luck with it all and hope you find a full time job x

  8. Lots of exciting changes and it'll all work out well. Be happy :) love you xxx


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