Tuesday, December 21

The show must go on...

 So you may have gathered from my thankful post, that my boss has broken his leg. It happened during a live performance at our theatre. And it was pretty dramatic. Thankfully the curtain was in and it didn't happen in front of all 900 people - they would of all heard his yell though and the sound of the 750kg wall as it landed on him. Obviously this majorly sucks for him.
For me this means a lot more responsibility, a lot more stress, a shortened holiday in febuary and well, it means everything that could go wrong that he would normally fix has. I started to feel like I was getting on top of all the new things I had to do today and then bam. Something doesn't work. And I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it and so I end up feeling completely incompetent.
Luckily my boy knows how to cheer me up. Popcorn, lollies, accompaning me to the christmas party and reminding me of the blissfully crazy family long weekend that lies ahead - Hurry up Friday and go away Monday!

{source unknown - If this is yours, do let me know}

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  1. Man, breaking your leg just a few days before Christmas. That sucks. I'm sure you're coping beautifully with the extra responsibility. And how awesome can our guys be? Popcorn and lollies are definitely the way to be cheered up!

    Have a completely fantastic Christmas lovely, lots of love xx


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