Wednesday, December 22


 Inspired by Celia... I thought i too would come to the confessional.

* I used to steal money from the bank in monolpoly alllll the time

* My little brother remembers the boys I dated better than I do..

* I have eaten a whole large bag of sweetened popcorn for dinner twice now.

* I hate splitting bills at restaurants. I always feel like I get ripped off because I'm a vegetarian.

* Oh, and, I do feel superior for being a vegetarian. Sorry.

* I used to sneak my housemates cashew nuts (sorry), but now (in a different share house) that I've had my food sneaked I would never do it again.

* If you leave marks in the loo, I will scrub them away. And be annoyed about it.

* My feet smell.

* I tidy other peoples houses when I'm visiting. 

Come on then... 'fess up...


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