Saturday, December 18

Things to be thankful for.

* I got the day off work to go to my brothers graduation.
* I got to go, despite my boss having a broken leg and me now being thrown in the major deep end at work.
* Lighting desks are relativly safe bits of equipment, unlike 750kg flown walls, that tend to break things (like legs) when they fall on them
* My brother will be with us for Christmas!
* The funnest 'Evil Santa' work party (Hugo Weaving now owns a copy of a 'Everything is illuminated' bought by me. Yes yes I'm a big fat name dropper)
* My boy knows how to have adventures! Yay for adventures!
* 10 hours sleep last night. Bliss.
* Winning $100 Westfield gift voucher from PottyMouthMuma!
* Skype chats to my besties in England.
* It'sChristmasNextWeek!!!!


{Things to be thankful for is a list I started when I began blogging. It helps me reflect on my week and remember all the good things in my life. I would love it if you played along too, leave a link in the comments and link to me on your post. *s*}  


  1. I do love you thankful lists - they remind me to be grateful for the little things that happen in my week, like..... my sister coming to town, assignments being handed in and therfore DONE with!, Big mugs of hot tea that I can curl up in bed with while watching the lots of snow that's falling outside my window - it's so pretty (and I don't have to go anywhere today)

  2. What a lovely idea...a thankful list. Something I should join in with right now, whilst I'm grumping about being snowed in!

  3. yay Soph! I got to see the photos of your big little brother - oh my MY!!! and had excellent catch-ups with your folks :) We've organised regular events with them now - because P & I need to be forced into being more sociable (true). Hey ya wanna drop by the farm when you're in town?? xx


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