Friday, September 10

If you're the peanut butter, I'll be the jam.

My boy. He really is one of a kind.
He cleans, he cooks, he catches spiders - even though he doesn't like em, he gives me piggy backs - despite us being the same size, he gardens, he fixes, he is painstaking and exacting, he spell checks my words and rubs my back, he gets excited and he dances, he knows how the internet works, he compliments my butt all the time, he recycles and can kinda skateboard, he is careful and gentle and lets me win in arm wrestles, he has magic eyes that change colour, he lets me be a snob and I let him have classist rage, he makes tears fall from my eyes with laughter and also whenever he goes away for more than a day, he buys me flowers and helps with my tax return and thinks I look good even when I don't, he has soft hair and ticklish feet, and he can tell you all the things there ever was to know about Pearl Jam and 90's Christian rock, he reads non fiction and the news, he argues nicely and he knows fancy words like "liminality", he makes a mean toasted sandwich and holds my hand when we walk down the street.
What an angel! What a catch! Happy birthday sweet man!

ps. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in here babe, you can change 'em.


  1. Aww…how nice is that post? What a great guy you have, hope you both get a chance to celebrate!

  2. This is such a cute post. And an awesome picture. Have a lovely weekend xx


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