Thursday, September 9

Run on

 Okay, so don't freak out or anything, but I think I'm starting to discover how exercise is addictive. I don't think "sporty" would spring to anyone’s mind when describing me (despite my cycling penchant) but the funny thing was in high school in my click of friends I was the sporty (well sportier...) one. There were 5 of us arty, music-y, drama-ry types and I am definitely one of those... but I was still put up for the school sports day every year... I never won or anything, but I did participate. Cross country,  400mts, hurdles, and for a brief stint - high jump... oh and a long fling with gymnastics that was cruelly cut short by the development of good child bearing (Tim says sexy) hips.
I remember feeling conflicted when I was younger because I felt like my parents wanted me to be good at everything. I felt torn by commitments to do sport, write good essays and play an instrument, oh and be in the school play (that one was my favourite)... With hindsight, they turned me into a pretty well rounded person and that was probably their goal.
But back to sportiness. So... it's Wednesday evening and I've just run 4ks and apart from being rather sweaty and pink (damn English complexion) I feel great. I feel like I could go and do it again. I just did sit ups in celebration. What's wrong with me?! Oh right crazy good endorphin action.. and feeling kinda "tight" for the first time since well... before puberty.
It helps having one of the prettier routes to run in Sydney. Under the harbour bridge, a wave to the opera house across the waters, down empty rustic alley ways in the rocks, up on to Observatory hill to watch the sunset then down alongside the water at Barangaroo. Florence cheered me on the whole way. I'm hooked, and I want to be healthy.


  1. well done my friend, having Florence cheer you on is the way to go..and sit ups huh? impressive!

  2. We didn't expect you to be 'good' at everything, just to have a go XX

  3. What a lovely view when you jog, I'd have to stop every 5 minutes to take a photo though, so it wouldn't be much of a run for me ;)

  4. I've realised I have waaaayy too many pictures of this view and so have managed to curb the photo taking! It was a hinderance to the exercising for a while though!


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