Wednesday, September 29

The Eathouse

So this week the boy and I are on a spree. A date spree. I have three evenings in a row off from the theatre while we change over shows. So Monday night we saw The Ballad of Backbone Joe, by The Suitcase Royale. Funniest and possibly best show I've seen all year - and I see a lot of theatre. One hour (perfect) of hilarity, storytelling, corpsing, freakishly talented musicians, spoofing and beauty made from not much but your mum's bed sheets and the box the fridge came in. It's on till Saturday, and it's cheap, go see it.
Last night's date was to a diner Tim read about on twothousand called The Eathouse in Redfern. By the way I blinked and Redfern suddenly got super trendy. It kinda looks like Surry... true story. Anyway The Eathouse is done up to perfection like a 50's diner. Beautifully and elaborately decorated, right down to the waitress' vintage floral aprons. Big, red shiny bar with stools, tea green walls, trinkets of the most random kind everywhere. We had lovely iced tea lemon drink (we're abstaining from booze on weeknights at present - yeah, we'll see how long that lasts...) complete with swizzle sticks and olives to nibble at. The food was amazing, we were expecting diner food to go with the diner atmosphere but it was rather fancy - and the prices matched. The food was so beautiful and totally worth it though. I had polenta (it being the only vego option on the menu) and Tim had snapper. Both were mouth watering and generously proportioned. I only wish I had space for a banana split by the end of it. The downer for me was that when the manager/owner (not sure), who had been very chirpy and friendly with us, discovered I was vego he became rather judgemental and wasn't nearly as polite to us again! "I just don't understand it" he said shaking his head. Oh, that, and the fact that they don't sell milkshakes.


  1. Awww that sounds nice! I like the idea of a dating spree. Chad's working mega-hard this week to get a grant out on Friday so it's a lot of late nights which, when coupled with my early starts, does not allow for all the romance. Lame!

  2. love date nights (and milkshakes) redfern is the new surry hills huh? who knew?

  3. What an awesome dating week you've had! Sounds super duper xx

  4. seeing the ballard of backbone jo tonight, due to your rave review... x


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