Tuesday, September 28

Hey doll...

I used to love paper dolls. I used to dress them up and go off into imagination lala land. I didn't even really move them around much... Just dress them and then imagine them doing things in my head. Then change them for their next activity... that would take place in my head.
I especially loved the ones with Victorian outfits. I was really into olde worldy clothes as a little girl. Had pretty much no interest in current fashion. But to wear a huge pouffy skirt and corset and puffed sleeves! Heaven!
Anyway's I keep on spotting them around and about the place at the moment and they make me a tiny bit nostalgic...

here, here, here, here...


  1. oh lovely! these are so cute, and so easy to make/play/display. (I really like ye_olde clothes too, ever wanted to have a Jane Austen party just to wear a delicious gown?)
    Pepper x

  2. hey sweet... just letting you know that i posted your parcel today!! sorry for the delay :) enjoy xxx

  3. *Pepper. Oh yes. Any excuse to wear a gown! Except I got married and forgot too. Oh well.
    *Kel - eee! yay!

  4. So cute aren't they! I have a Grace Kelly paper doll my Dad bought me - i've framed it and it's so cool! All her most pretty dresses to play with! xx


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