Thursday, June 17

Sensitive flower..

I'm as sensitive as a sensitive thing at the moment. My British, stiff upper lip, tough techy side is finding it rather annoying. On the other hand how great are flight of the conchords?


  1. ah sensitive. I'm a bit sensitive too today, but probably more due to how much I had to drink last night.. Silly me. I hope you feel better soon, or if not, then totally wallow in it, eat chocolate, cry in the bath and demand a lot of hugs. You deserve it.

    ps flight of the conchords rock my jocks. 'I want a men's wetsuit, please'. love their poster in your other post too!

  2. love flight of the conchords, murrey both makes my day and makes me squirm :)


  3. Nobody mentions my profiteroles!

    I love them, they are ace.


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