Friday, June 18

Honey & cinnamon cupcakes

Okay this is top secret stuff. So you gotta not spread this round like. But I'm gonna share something pretty fantabulous with you. Basically it is the worlds best cupcake recipe. Hands down. And then modified a bit, by me. Cupcakes are kinda my thing. I tried making muffins the other day and they were okay, but not spectacular. I do cupcakes. I do cupcakes well. (as the shoveller in 'Mystery Men' would say - God i love that movie) So I've been making this Nigella recipe for yonks and got this idea in my head to replace a bit of the sugar with some Australian bush honey we have. Even though I just put in a table spoon  (okay a generous tablespoon...the flavour really comes through. And honey and cinnamon are just meant to be.
Its Nigella's cupcake recipe. It is no fail. And I know people say that alll the time and they almost always screw you over... but this. This is it. The shiz.

You Need:
125g Self raising flour
100g castor sugar
Large tablespoon of really good honey
125g soft butter
2 eggs (beaten)
Teaspoon vanilla extract
About 3 tablespoons of milk

Cream cheese, softened
Icing sugar

Preheat oven to 200degrees, put cupcake cases in a tin.
Cream your butter and sugar together, then alternate mixing in egg, flour (sifting it is important!) when you're all out of egg alternate flour with the milk. Then mix in your honey and vanilla. It should be a fairly runny mixture. eg. It needs to drop off the spoon easily.
I don't fill up the cases too much, literally just one tablespoon per case because then they are easier to ice.
Bake on the top shelf for 15-20 mins until they are glorious golden!
Usually makes around about 12 and this mixture is fine to double.
With icing I don't do measurements, just chuck it in a bowl and when it is the right consistency and taste it's done.
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  1. Oh wow, sounds amazing. I use a Nigella recipe too, but mine you seriously just bung into the food processor and away you go. No fail! I love Nigella, she's a top chick! Thanks for sharing this, I might have to try them this weekend.

  2. Oh yeah, its the same recipe.. I just don't have the food processor technology! Lemme know how they go!! And thanks for all the lovely comments, I've loved your blog for ages so its heaps nice to have you here *beam*


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