Sunday, June 20

Things to be thankful for.

You know, I've started measuring my week by this post... I just had a moment of "my gosh I can't believe its time to write another list again!" Not to fear - I love writing lists! Sorry its late this week, I was working all day Saturday.
Away we go!
* Being woken up with a cup of tea and a chirpy husband dancing on the bed to Architecture in Helsinki.
* Friends who pop over to drink red wine with you.
* Early finishes at work.
* Movie dates with my boy. (recommending New York, I love you)
* Sunny Sundays filled with gardening and cooking.
* Hangovers. They remind me how much I should actually drink in a night...
* I get to work with a really good (the best) lighting designer for the next two weeks. This means much more job satisfaction for me.
* The taste of winter oranges.
* Craftsmen... who can fix my leather satchel when it breaks!
*  That most broken technology starts working if you turn it off and on again... (mobile phone, internet, juicer etc...)

{things to be thankful for is a post I do every Saturday. It helps me sum up my week and remind myself of all the good things in my life. Feel free to play too and leave your *thankful's* in the comments or a link to yours on your blog. I will definitely check it out. *s*}  

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