Monday, June 21

Hanging garden

Look! Look! Look what we made!  Its a garden and it's vertical! On our very derelict fence. This is a stupendous idea that I saw on the internet and had been wanting to do for agges. Its just a shoe organiser thingy. With holes punched into the bottom of each baggy, filled with lovely soil and planted with spinach, lettuce, chives and a pansy or two for good measure (and prettyness). Its great because each section is see through so the soil gets to warm up a lot more than in a normal pot which is perfect for our current chilly weather. Also its fairly pest proof which is good for leafy vegetables. 
Also we bought this dinky Aussie esky the other day for a dollar. Yes a dollar! Macho man drilled holes in the bottom et voila! A planter box... kinda like one we have at the front of our house too.

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  1. I love the shoe organizer/hanging garden. I wish I had a fence to hang one on.


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