Tuesday, May 18

Bedroom redesign. Part 1.

The first picture is what you see when you walk into our room. Ikea bookshelves back to back split up our large but multi purpose room. This is the home office side where Tim writes his thesis and looks at youtube videos... as part of his research I'm sure (only kidding honey I know you work extremely hard!). We put a piece of Ikea fabric from the 'Gunilla' range in between the bookcase's so you can't see the back of our crap! So much of the cool stuff in our room is Tim's. The baby blue type writer, record collection, the cute porcelain girl & boy who have magnets in their heads so they are always kissing, the polaroid camera, the snoopy teddy. The fan and the lamp are cool finds of mine from markets. The lego people you may recognise from our wedding cake, now they are hanging out on our blind pull! I would organise the bookshelves into colour order, but Tim would almost certainly kill me so I refrain.

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  1. I have the same lamp as you (the one next to the fan) and a maiden hair fern in the bedroom, SNAP!

    I love the idea of putting a fabric screen between the two book shelves, an idea that could definitely come in handy one day!


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