Friday, October 9


This is my AMAZING 60s lamp that I picked up from a junk shop a year ago for $6. It didn't work, so I finally put my electical skills to use and fixed it! After pulling it apart I found that the transformer inside it was dead, totally burnt out because at some point someone had gone inside taken out the fuse and bypassed it meaning the trannie could easily burn up.
So I tested that the rest of it was electrically sound with a multi metre, bought a new transformer for $12 and a fuse, and then soldered it all into place. The transformer I bought was about 3mill too big so I had to trim off some of the plastic moulding on the inside of the lamp (which was there to hold the original transformer snuggly) After experimenting with files and knives I found the best way was just to snip it with really sharp tin snips!
Screwed it all back together et voila! Here it is working on my angels side of the bed.Its only a 15w bulb which is perfect for late night reading, and the transformer is on the switch which means that when its plugged in it's not constantly sucking energy.
Did I mention how its head fully swivels, and its neck extends out to 3 times it size AND that it folds in totally on itself - it reminds me of Wall-e the way it moves.
It feels so good making something work again, but to top it all off... the other day when we went to Mitchell Rd Auction house, I saw this babies twin sister (without the cute paint work) selling for $60!!!! I SCORE!

I also just updated my TREE post and FRIDGE post with pictures.. check'em!

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