Wednesday, October 7

Favourite things: Trees

I love tree things! We asked for creative gifts for wedding presents and subsequently I have quite a collection of tree pictures, either drawn or bought for us by friends. I've recently got them and a heap of tree cards framed and put them all in one spot on our staircase. I'll get a picture soon.
In the meantime tree things keep on popping up on my radar. Okay...  and then I did a deliberate google search as well, but these here are some of my faves!
I would love to live in/have a tree house. Especially one with a winding staircase all the way up like this!

First 3 images are from Anthropologie
metal tree lamp by
Doona set is by Adairs
bench and coat hanger id by
this amazing bed which is lots of blogs already I notice is from contemporary home
stump is by
Pear light is by Nick Foley at Coroflot
I cant work out who the creator of the tree house is but its somewhere in France.

Here is the begining of my tree wall:


  1. that little stump is adorable + that treehouse is like a dream or something out of a movie!

  2. Isn't it just. *sigh* oh for a treehouse!!! Oh for a tree!!

  3. I would love to have that bed...the nest in the top is adorable.

  4. Oooh that bed placed in the treehouse and I'm set forever!


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