Saturday, October 10

things to be thankful for 3.

Dear Saturday,
Your cool fresh air is beautiful on my face as I pedal through the quiet morning city. The ground is still wet from last nights rain and it makes the tarmac smell amazing and the streets seem fresh.
Saturday with your cafe breakfasts, and slow starts, thank you.
So even though I am at work I have a million reasons to be thankful:
Inspiring blogs have popped up (like mushrooms) overnight for me to wind my way through.
Last night I laughed so hard I couldnt breathe and my eyes wear pouring tears thanks to this and this.
My haloumi, caramalised onion, 2 fried eggs and eggplant bagel this morning was mind blowing and I'm now full for the rest of the day. ( I love Yullis)
The  garden is full of blooms which make me very happy.
We (okay Tim did - I couldnt even look at the thing) caught the rat that has been eating all our compost. Now the rat is becoming compost himself. Not nice really but it had to be done.
I have lovely friends. It is so nice to drink port in a cosy living room until 1am...
Then snuggle with my angel all night.
Im going overseas in t-minus 50 days!!! eeeee!

Have a lovely Saturday.

spring is springing the Bougainvillea and mint are going wild in our garden.

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