Monday, October 12

i am, i am not.

A little before and after on myself this week. As I grow older I realise how wonderful it is not to be insecure anymore. 24 is great. In recognising my very slowly grown confidence, and sheding of fear of judgement, I have decided to invest in a little home improvement, because I can and because I want to be better. And better.
I love to be in control and have everything to hand. But when it comes to self control, I am lacking. So I decided as I cycled home on Saturday night to put myself to the test. And I thought I should write it down.

I know I am:
1) greedy (Sugar. Oh my gosh I love sugar)
2) vain (I pretend to look in shop windows but really im checking my reflection)
3) proud (so stubborn, sooo sooo stubborn)
4) lustful (oh for a house full of Eames chairs and sexy Miele appliances, want, want, want.)

For the next 5 days I am not:
1) eating cake, biscuits, lollies, chocolate.. - okay so I've already broken this one so I may extend it to Saturday! - did I mention self control...
2) looking in shop windows - not at my reflection anyway.
3) Gonna be proud - and so I will learn some new things.
4) gonna surf the net for things of tangible beauty, instead Im gonna surf for amazing organisations making beautiful things happen in the world...

ps. How cute is my little cupcake that turned into a love heart?! I gave it to my lover.

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