Tuesday, October 13


I'm a big fan of suprises. And a big fan of presents. Last night I got both! I pedaled home to find a candle lit room, a large gin and tonic, a tray of strawberries, cheese and crackers (he knew about the no lollies thing)! YUM! And my angel waiting for me! We had a candle lit picnic on our bedspread. It was so lovely, especially after spending so much time apart recently. 

I don't know why it is I'm such a sucker for presents. I'm not a particularly materialistic person, it's just that given the choice of a swathe of compliments every day or a note/bunch of flowers I'd go the later almost every time. It's how I feel loved.

Speaking of things that make me happy... a clean house. I think it's because cleaning is how I got my pocket money as a kid. Anyway, living in a share house has its fair share of cleaning related trauma (or lack thereof). And so... (trumpet please) last week a new order was introduced to the house. It's colourful and cute, it sticks to the fridge and has everyones name on it. I call it "Sophie's little chart of joy' or "how I have decided to spread the load" or "a dirty house will not drive me insane" or ahem... "the jobs chart"...

Move the fridge magnet down when you've done your job, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to do. By the end of last week everyone had moved their magnet. Clean house. Happiness.

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