Wednesday, April 21

New, New, New!

We've got a new mattress! I'm so flipping excited about not having springs poke into me, about not waking up with a stiff back about not having the slats collapse out under me! Bring on bed time! It arrived this morning and we wrestled it up the stairs, tore off its plastic cover, and burried ourselves into its so soft yet firm fluffy goodness!
In other 'yay' worthy news: tomorrow heralds an Ikea trip! It's all change in the sophntim living space (aka our bedroom) and once it is shiny and beautiful I will show photos.



  1. Hurrah for you! Have fun at ikea! the happiest place on earth, or if you are like my husband who refers to it as hell on earth.

  2. I so understand your elation. We got a new king sized mattress just before Christmas and it is the best thing in the whole world. Don't ever want to get out of bed now.


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