Wednesday, April 21

Around the interwebs: Shelf / Life

Shelf / Life. I, rather: husband and I discovered it yesterday. I literally stopped mid conversation to stare lustily through the window. Naturally we went in. If you're in Sydney, I recommend you do too. It's full of stunning ceramics, cushions, letterpressed papers and cards and other cuteness that you'd definatly want to put pride of place on your best shelf. They have admirable ethics too. I love a shop that cares. Check out their blog here. I believe they are soon to be featured in the never endingly yummy Frankie magazine too, so get in before all the cool kids are doing it!
Images are from the shelf / life blog.

*Around the interwebs* is a new series for Wednesday's (for a while) featuring the many magical and marvelous things I stumble upon on my internet travels (it's what I do instead of television!) Enjoy!

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