Monday, November 16

last night

Morning. Excited. A song, that everyone knows. We dance and dance in the kitchen, making eggs. Dancing for each other, until we are so breathless that we can't even laugh any more. Just dancing because the song is playing. And it is good. And we are looking in to one anothers laughing eyes, and smiling, and dancing, because we are happy, because we can, because we are.

Tonight. A moment.
We must remember this moment forever.
Dancing so slowly to our song. Our wedding anthem. Our love in lyrical, musical, poetical record. Slowly. Slowly. Turning. Pressed so tightly together. Breathing each other in. Feet on soft grass. In our back garden. By a single candles light.  Feasted, sated and breathing each other in.

And later as my pencil softly smudges paper, I watch him sleep. So beautiful. My angel.
I will remember this moment forever.


  1. I LOVED this post.

    and what a gorgeous picture, that last one. wow


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