Tuesday, November 17

tour du paint part 3.


The top painting is by one of my best friends, her name is Verity. It means a lot to me because she made it for me and gave it to me saying this is about you. There are little bits of writing in there: I'm in touch with your feminine side and lots of stuck on bits, like chocolate wrappers we shared... On top of the pastel in hot glue gun I love you is written, though you can't see it in this picture. It got a bit battered on the move from England to Australia, and so i got it framed. The framer was a bit baffled because of the sticky out piece of toy car on the side. He had to make it slightly boxed. It is now next to my bed.
The next painting is by a freind of ours called Sophie. My boy and her used to be housemates, (back in those dating days) and I always lusted after it when I came round to visit. Then she went overseas for a year and moved out of that house, so I said I could look after it and she said I could have it and I was very happy to oblige! It's of a friends kitchen shelf and it hangs on the entryway wall to our kitchen. I love the varying layers of solidness. I plan on buying more of her work down the line...
The third piece is called After The Fires and is by a man named Ivan. Ivan was homeless (I am told he has a home now) when he painted this. Hopestreet (mentioned here) runs an art space for homeless folks to use and this is one of his paintings. It's about a meter tall and 50ml wide, I'm not sure where it is meant to be, but Tim and I both loved it when we saw it and placed the highest bid for it in auction! It's win all round because all that money goes to him and we have a beautiful artwork added to our collection. Yay! Now it is the first thing i see when I open my bedroom door each morning. Aren't the colours beautiful?? (Oh yes more trees!!)

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  1. Gah Ivan's is magnificent. I love that your art has stories. Most people just slap things up on the walls. Yours has meaning, and I'm sure that makes them more lovely to you.


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