Thursday, October 29

beautiful things of a different kind 3.

Coming back closer to home for todays not for profit organisation... This is one that features very prominently in my life. My angel works for Hope Street. The following words are from their most recent newsletter...

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‘Single homeless women are often described as the hidden homeless.’1
Sadly this hidden issue is also a growing issue with the number of women as a percentage of the homeless population growing from 42% in 2001 to 44% in 2006.2 In real numbers this is a staggering 46,057 women who are homeless across our nation.
Within this group are those who are chronically homeless. For these women their lives often revolve around daily survival. This survivalist orientation makes it difficult to focus on longer term goals. In order to
maintain any level of improvement in the quality of their lives, women in this group require a continuing level of care.
For the past 18 years HopeStreet has been reaching out to a small group of the hidden homeless through The Women’s Space. The focus of The Women’s Space is women who are involved in the sex industry, and in particular those who work on the streets. These women regularly experience abuse, rejection, and violence which contribute to an overwhelming sense of worthlessness and a destructive and low selfesteem. For most there is a sense of futility that precludes any thoughts of having a future, an alternative career, or a safe lifestyle.
The Women’s Space provides an environment where women are respected and valued in a safe and alternative community. Women are offered ongoing support via warmth, acceptance, and love. Experiencing the genuineness of this and the interest of the staff, each woman is empowered to slowly explore change
through positive life affirming choices.
Our desire is that the hidden homeless will find a home amongst the community at HopeStreet, and that this may be a stepping stone to finding a home within and amongst the wider community.

So my boy doesn't work in the Woman's Space he works in education. But this is just an awesome example of what a great organisation Hopestreet is.

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  1. I had a quick glance over the website of Hope Street as i have been looking for somewhee new to volunteer. Looks like a great organisation, dealing with an issue i think most Australians are ignorant of. Pity they don't work in Canberra.

    I hope you do some more of these posts.

  2. Cheers Amanda. It is a really good organisation. I can ask my hubby if he knows of any similar in Canberra.


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