Friday, October 30


In the begining I believed in stories, fairies, invisible friends...
And then I believed in myself, my world, and that I could be anything,
And then I believed in God and getting good grades,
And then I believed in experiencing life,
And then I believed in Jesus, God and Love.

And now... all I know is my tiny human brain will never understand the vast complexity of the world.
But what to do with this one piece of knowledge? I could leave it at that and just carry on experience and living. I could keep on seeking and seeking and seeking answers. Of which there are a multitude, owned by other people and even the ones that fall under the same name are all slightly different. Each beleived through a different set of eyes. No two people believe the same thing. Surely?
I could piece little bits I hold to be true together... and try and wear it around me. But what does God think of that?
I know I can believe in a God who unwaveringly loves all, who loves and marvels at the Earth and eveything living in it, who understands what it is to be human - the random irrationality of emotion, who loves freedom and choice, who is the master of mystery. That's what I want... but is that okay with Him?


  1. I often have this thought, or string of thoughts, and then feel suddenly overwhelmed at how tiny we are, comparatively to God and creation and how we're created, as very different individuals with hearts to serve Him. It's a bit on the mind boggling side of things.

  2. wow. you've blown me away with this post...


    it's friday and i'm sitting at my WORK desk and i want to cry, your words/these beautiful questions touched me.



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