Saturday, October 31

things to be thankful for 6.

* We did a practice pack of our backpacks and it all fits easily! Hooray!
* I have two days off next week! Thats the first in about 4 months!
* I am continually suprised by the sheer quantity of COOL people blogging in the world - and how easy it is for me to read their beautiful thoughts/stalk them! (thanks people I follow!)
* I get to hug my amazing best friend in a month!
* Last night, after work, my angel and our good friend and housemate went to our favourite bar, drank (pumpkin) beer and ate haloumi and laughed. I'm so lucky.
* Our friends had a healthy baby girl a few weeks ago.
* My dear friend will be moving into our house in less than two weeks time! Yay!
* I haven't lost my sunglasses (total miracle I tell you)
* We scored a free coffee's this morning. So much love for Yullis.
* I just tried to find some positive news on The Guardian website, and was very dissapointed. But I found one piece of good news.
"By banning logging, mining and oil drilling in an area twice the size of California, Canada is ensuring its boreal forests continue to soak up carbon.." 
So that is something to be thankful for!

Picture is from the amazing Kelty at Steep Street.. I love to drool over her work. Well not literally... but ahh it's so whimsical and lovely! Check out her wedding photography *sigh*. I thought I'd put a halloween-esq picture here because, well, it is halloween... even though it's a lovely spring-timey day in Sydney.

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  1. I agree with your third thought--there's so much that inspires me in blogland. It's true that everything I see pushes me to be more creative in my daily life.


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